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La Gabbianella - In the kitchen the scent of tradition

"Our cuisine is all strength and kindness: tasty, frank, affable, jovial, even confidential ... simplicity is the first rule" (CUCINA TOSCANA 1927)

The earthenware pots bring us the flavor of bygone days, from an age long gone, in which our houses were imbued with the smell of cooking and good things.

Cooking in pots or in clay pots is a healthy and healthy way of cooking. The food preserves and enhances its flavor and thanks to the uniformity of cooking reduces the need to use fat. They are so beautiful and functional that they can be brought directly from the fire or oven to the table. All the objects "La Gabbianella" are handmade, with a mixture of porous clay. They have a high temperature vitrified surface free of heavy metals, characterized by a small "net" called "Cavilli", which are not to be considered a defect. In fact it is thanks to them that water vapor uniformly reaches the food being cooked and also makes the pans particularly heat resistant. Objects dedicated to special, colorful, cheerful cooking, to amaze on the table or decorate the kitchen, but above all useful: the Cooker Pepper, the Patatiera, the historic Fagioliera, the Table grill, the Vegetable roaster, the Pot of bread, the Cuocimela , the Maialino, the Tortiera cuore ... To cook with taste, see curious looks, eager to taste ..


There are precious moments that characterize family life, its habits, its everyday life: cooking, sharing the fruits of one's work with others, preparing children's favorite dishes. The use of Terre da Fuoco and da Forno, the so-called "COCCIO", allows us to rediscover all the charm of the flavors of the past, those of the peasant culture, of our grandparents, when the smell of the food came out of the mumbling pots and filled the house of joy. When, all seated at the table, they waited to be served: risottos, soups, succulent stews, sweet spicy sweets. Traditional, simple and genuine recipes, the result of passion and love for the earth and its gifts. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT WHO IS EATING, BUT ALSO AS AND WHERE IT IS COOKED. Italian cuisine is made of fresh and characteristic products. To best enhance the ingredients of our tradition, we learn to use specific cooking methods for each preparation. Terracotta is one of the oldest cooking materials and when it comes to long cooking, on low heat or in the oven, it is the ideal material. The "COCCIO" of the grandmother works as an insulator, it heats up slowly and slowly gives up the heat it has absorbed. The heat spreads evenly from the bottom to the walls so as to cook the food in a humid environment, avoiding the addition of special fats or liquids. A healthy and natural cooking method, in SLOW FOOD style. The food will continue to cook even when removed from the stove. Naturally cooking requires more attention than other materials, but we will obtain foods with genuine and natural flavors, maintaining the maximum nutritional level. All our objects are handmade, with a mixture of porous clay. They have a colorful, bright and bright glassed surface, made with strictly api-led enamels, cooked at high temperature and free of heavy metals. It is characterized by a small "net" called "Cavilli", which are not to be considered a defect, in fact it is thanks to them that the water vapor uniformly reaches the food being cooked. Our products are dedicated to special cooking: the Cooker Pepper, the Patatiera, the historical Fagioliera, the table Grill, the Bread Pot, the Cooker and the Pig and many others ... They are so beautiful and functional that they allow you to bring the dish directly from the fire to the table.


Dip in cold water for at least 4 hours and USE IMMEDIATELY, without allowing it to dry. Do not worry if during the dive you can hear small noises or see small bubbles, it is the water that returns in the tiny interstices of the earthenware bringing back the correct hydration. In subsequent uses keep in water only for a few minutes. The absorbed water is released in the form of micro-steam. This "buffer" creates a protection for food, giving a delicate and respectful cooking of flavors and nutritional values. USE: FIRE FIRE: use the frangiamma net. Slow cooking. It can also be used in the oven. BAKED TERRE: use only in the oven. MICROWAVES: All objects can be inserted in the microwave to heat the dishes. TIPS: When the pan or pirola is hot, handle with care, as it is more gentle to impact. Avoid resting on marble or stone. Always use a trivet. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Use wooden ladles to avoid altering the taste of food. WASHING: Hand washing is recommended, without using abrasive sponges. Before storing them, leave them to dry in the open air and in a place that is not closed and dry to avoid unpleasant odors and mold.


The classic and timeless grandmother's humidifier, where all cooked dishes acquire a unique and natural flavor: sauces, stews, risottos, the result of a long and delicate cooking.


Ingredients: 1 kg of fresh octopus; extra virgin olive oil; garlic; parsley; chili pepper; White wine; 15 cherry tomatoes. Clean the octopus and put the saucepan over low heat without any seasoning. Cover for a few minutes until it turns pink and releases its water. Remove from the pan, leave to cool, and chop mentenemente. In the pot, sauté with garlic, chilli and parsley, toss the octopus and let it go for a few minutes. Blend with a little white wine, add the tomatoes and salt. Cook for an hour and add hot water if necessary.

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